Applications for the MEST Class 2021 Training Program are now closed.

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Program Description
Pre-MEST, an early-stage training program by MEST in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and their Young Africa Works strategy, targets young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the desire to build their technology and business acumen. By learning the new technical skills needed to start a successful company or add value to existing employers, Pre-MEST works to further improve the participants’ employability and add value to the growing demand and interest in software entrepreneurship across Ghana.
The pilot program will recruit four cohorts from across Ghana for bootcamps. Following program completion, the program offers job matching services for participants to intern with startups within the MEST community or through MEST partners.  

2020 Cohorts
Pre-MEST will run four cohorts between September and December 2020. Each cohort will target 50 candidates from Ghana. All four cohorts will run virtually, and provision made for candidates to fully participate and benefit from the program no matter your physical location within Ghana.

Applications are now open for the 3rd and 4th cohorts; please see below:
Cohort 1 (virtual) | Sept 7 - Oct 2   Application Closed
Cohort 2 (virtual) | Oct 5 - Oct 30   Application Closed
Cohort 3 (virtual) | Nov 2 - Nov 27  Applications close October 23rd
Cohort 4 (virtual) | Nov 16 - Dec 11  Applications close October 30th

Curriculum Overview
The Pre-MEST curriculum will combine classes with hands-on projects. Led in a bootcamp style, the participants develop relevant usable skills in technology and business. The Pre-MEST team will also give each cohort some learning work to complete before the program start date, to ensure they have the minimum skill levels to delve into projects and exercises from the first day.
Covered topics
For cohorts 1 and 2 (Software Programming):
Front End Frameworks (e.g. React.js)
Express Framework (for Node.js)
Database (e.g MongoDB) Unit Testing
Soft skills (CV writing, interviewing tips, collaboration tools, teamwork skills, personality test etc.)

For cohort 3 and 4 (Digital Marketing):
Design Thinking
Content Marketing
Web and Social Media Analytics
Split (Bucket) Testing
Soft skills (CV writing, interviewing tips, collaboration tools,  teamwork skills, personality test etc.)

Who we are looking for
Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years
Persons crazy about tech and entrepreneurship, and how to use technology to achieve business results
Should be able to commit at least 6 hours each weekday (between 9am - 4pm) to the training program
Disciplined, motivated and a self-starter who can work and deliver on assignments and projects

Here is how to apply:
Step 1. Fill and submit the Pre-MEST Application form (please see form below)

Step 2. Join the Pre-Learning Slack channel (using the link below)
Cohort 3 Pre-MEST Pre-Learning channel
Step 3. Complete the following Google Digital Skills for Africa certification course
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Step 4. Submit your Google course certificate.
Once you have completed the course and received your certification, download a PDF copy of your certification and upload it for our reference using the link below
Google Digital Skills for Africa certificate upload
Step 5. Await communication about your application status.
Final offers will be sent out to successful applicants within 10 days of application close

Job Matching
Following program completion, MEST will work with graduates and our partners, to provide potential opportunities via job matching, freelancing, and task-based services, plus internships with reputable organisations and startups within the MEST community or through MEST partners.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
How much does this program cost?
The Pre-MEST training program is tuition-free and requires no financial payments to MEST or any of our partners. However, during application, a candidate is required to have access to a laptop/computer and internet access to complete the pre-course work and application process. Even better, when you make it into the program, MEST will provide you with data to facilitate participation in class sessions, and work on assignments and projects. This is a full-time program that requires you to be available to attend all classes and sessions.
Who qualifies for this program?
The program is targeted at young people, ages 18-35, who are passionate about business and technology and want to develop their skills in these areas. At this stage, only applicants residing in Ghana are eligible for the program.

Do I need to have any previous digital marketing experience to be considered for the program?
No, you don’t need prior experience  in digital marketing to qualify for the program. You should have a genuine interest in business and technology and be ready to commit to the program fully. All necessary skills you need prior to the start of the program will be communicated to you in due time.
Is this open to only Ghanaians?
No, this program is open to anyone of any nationality or citizenship who meets all the application requirements and lives in Ghana. We are currently not accepting applications from individuals residing outside Ghana, but we hope to change this in the future.
If I don’t complete the prerequisite courses because of laptop/computer or internet challenges, will I lose the chance of being selected into the program?
All prescribed courses are mandatory for your candidacy for the program. Additionally, there are means provided for you to take the course offline by selecting the ‘download as PDF’ option. If you are unable to complete them for genuine reasons, feel free to reach out to the recruitment team via email
Can I change from one cohort to the other after submitting my application?
The areas of coverage for the 1st and 2nd cohorts are similar and interchangeable. If there is vacancy in the class, the Pre-MEST team can facilitate a change from cohort 1 to 2. For the 3rd and 4th cohorts, the topic areas are the same. You can change between the 3rd & 4th cohorts if there are no time constraints and availability exists in the class. All change requests should be communicated to and shall be handled on a case-by-case basis.
I have applied but haven’t heard back on my application...
The applications have deadlines. The Pre-MEST team will get in touch with you when the application window closes and selection of final candidates is done. You will also be informed if you do not make the cut. Please hold on until the application period is over to hear back from us.
I do not have any digital marketing skills at all, how can I complete the pre-application courses?
The courses you are to complete to facilitate the application process, are self-taught and very easy to complete. You can go through them yourself, with adequate focus and determination. If you still have questions or challenges, reach us on so we see how best we can help.
I have the basic tech skills being asked for in the application process. Can I skip them and continue the application?
If you are comfortable with your tech skills and capabilities being requested in the application, kindly go ahead and complete the assessments at the end of each course to earn your badge. Badges earned are part of the criteria used in making the final selection to join the program and so it is necessary to earn all the required badges no matter your skill level in technology.
I live outside Accra, can I still be part of the program?
Yes, this program is open to all people living anywhere in Ghana. We recognize that we may have participants who live outside Accra and as such we are running virtual sessions for all cohorts. We will make provision to have all eligible candidates take part in this impactful training.
For more questions and enquiries, please send an email to 

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